Lost. I am now in a stereotype , a box with many others. I am labeled lost. Funny thing is if I’m lost it feels so damn good. I was Christian for a long time. I mean legalistic, cult, die hard crazy ass Christian. The odd long haired, hairy legged, skirts to the floor, sad … More Lost

A Wow Moment

I had a revelation tonight. I could write it in my journal and tuck it away but isn’t this the same thing? I realized I can validate myself. I am not crazy, I am not a nagging crazy bitch. I learned worrying is a firm of control. Control doesn’t work. We don’t have to form … More A Wow Moment

History pt 3

I guess I need to wrap this up to move on lol. I have 5 kids and its non stop , living an hour from town sucks. Driving all the damn time! Today is pretty good I suppose, faced with standing my ground or giving in. Isn’t it crazy how if you set healthy boundaries … More History pt 3

History Lesson

Its a beautiful new day. I must say after the past few days the sun is shining again and I refuse to let my demons take me down. Today I’m going to give a brief history lesson.. About muwah, yours truly, me! I feel in order to heal and grow you should share and listen … More History Lesson